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Ever since I was a real youngin', I always loved making comics and little stories and stuff. I had soooooo much fun, but as I got older, I would start abondoning these stories more and more in the midst of their creation until I just stoped making them :(

Now that I'm stuck on my campus during winter break (had been since the 2nd), I've been having a lot of free time, but no beloved videogames. Without these beloved videogames to play (skyrimcoughcough), many of my daydreams have drifted off to them and I am getting many ideas for things to write and draw and decided "I want to make some short LOL comics yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy"

BUT, with all these little ideas bouncing around in my head, I began to think of how I have not been able to tell a story since back when I was a child and I resolved to tell atleast one proper story. I'm going to make a Skyrim comic!!!! WOOOOO!!

That's all fine and good but....but, this's big. MASSIVE! I DON'T KNOW IF I CAN HANDLE IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! It will take forever to write, let alone draw WHICH I WILL STILL TRY TO DO.....i just might exahaust myself doing it.
It started out as a little thing, but the idea has know developed into this huge loooooongggg thing. I'm so excited to start it, but I'm also petrified of it. I rrrreeeeaaaalllly don't want this to become another idea that gets tossed aside, but it's such a lengthy project I'm afraid it will, but thinking about it makes me really excited so im still going to attempt it anyway, BUT IT MIGHT BE A HUGE TRAINWRECK AND BE THE WORST THING EVER MADE EVEEEERRRRRRRRRR AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Anyway, please excuse my little rant. I just had to get my feelings out ahahaha...............

so ya. I might be posting some character designs soon cause there's A LOT. When will i actually get around to writing/ drawing out the story? No. Idea. At. All

HAPPY JANUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tyler Begnoche
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United States
Well, I am not the best at describing myself, but let's give it a go!! :D

I am a college sophomore studying working towards a BFA in theater performance and a minor in Television Communications at an absurdely expensive college. My hobbies (other than drawing) are acting, singing, piano, anime, procrastinating (I am some of the best ever) eating, and sleeping.
I have been doodleing forever, but i didn't start to really try and teach myself until 8th grade. I've always wanted to take a real art class but I was always too damn busy :(
I've done a fair enough job so far, but I still have lots to learn. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITIZISM IS AWESOME!!! GIVE IT TO ME AND I WILL EAT IT LIKE CANDY!!!!!
I usually won't post much during the school year, but I may upload a few pencil drawings here and there.

My favorite things:
1. Bacon
2. Falco Lombardi (hothothothothothothot)
3. Horror/ scary things
4. Higurashi/ Umineko no naku koro ni
6. Other stuff that I'm forgetting's it. WOO!

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