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The Arisen by Begnoche48
The Arisen
I just got really into Dragon's Dogma this week, and since I'm home with more free time than I know how to deal with, I got inspired to draw a picture of my Arisen...which is basically me, haha
Faces by Begnoche48
Practiced facial expressions today based off some emojis, using my friends as models, haha
Sawmp Witch by Begnoche48
Sawmp Witch
This is a witch who appeared in one of my recent dreams. She was so hilarious, I just had to draw her, haha

I was playing a kind of tag with a bunch of people I know in a music building (I was previously pushing around a grand piano, trying to find the room it belonged to). I was ‘it’ and was winning amazingly due to my great hiding spot and great reflexes.

Then a very “Jumanji” thing happened, and the hall started to become more like a swamp. The floor became covered in inches of muddy water. I turn around and this very cartoonish witch had just floated out of the water behind me. Her skin was very dark green and her clothes/hat were a faded blue. She then ‘resurrected’ some of the friends I tagged out of the water and that was it, haha.
My Hand by Begnoche48
My Hand
This is just an image from a dream I had recently.

It was after waking up from a bone marrow surgery I just had. For some reason, I nonchalantly volunteered myself to donate some bone marrow. They injected me with something that made me black out before they started so I don’t remember it. It was very quick, and I remember hearing mutterings and drills among the blackness. I could also feel my mind toying with whether to make the surgery hurt or not, but I ultimately remained very calm and comfortable.

This the first thing I saw what I opened my eyes. Apparently, what they did was completely sever my hand and then sucked the bone marrow out of my ulna from there.

It all seemed very matter-of-fact and perfectly normal. After giving it few wiggles, I happily hopped off the surgery chair and went on my merry way to the rest of the dream. It was surprisingly very relaxing.


Begnoche48's Profile Picture
Tyler Begnoche
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Well, I am not the best at describing myself, but let's give it a go!! :D

I am currently finishing up a BFA in theater performance and a minor in Television Communications at an absurdely expensive college. My hobbies (other than drawing) are acting, singing, and piano playing (I also love sleeping)

I have been doodling forever, but i didn't start to really try and teach myself until 8th grade. Since i am mostly self taught, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

I usually won't post much during the school year, but I may upload a few pencil drawings here and there.

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